Most Recent Engagements (not in order)


Currently not accepting any engagements for the remaining of this calendar year.


Review Commitee: “Making Space” Awards for Inclusion in STEMThe STEM Squad

Contributing Writer – Quartz

Guest speaker: Ask A Spaceman Live – Your Place in the Universe: Segment: “Origins” by  Science Friday

Guest speaker – “In the Times of Scicomm” Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

Press – NewspaperListin Diario

Press – Publication in Spanish – Imagenes Dominicanas

Press – Radio interview – Reset Radio Show

Live Storytelling – Transformations: My love of Science Saved my Life. Story Collider

Feature – “Hispaniola Born, Earthbound Explorer” Stories in Science

Press – Radio interview – 12y2 Entretenimiento

Newsletter creator/editor – High School Robotics Kick Off 2018. ChickTech NYC

SpeakerSpeak Up Rise Up Festival

Feature – “Rose Blooms” Bad Astronomy’s Newsletter

Sci Fi Collaboration – “The Science of Fiction” EARTHER by Gizmodo

Interview – Press Association

Podcast Interview – “Per Aspera Ad Astra: Representation in STEM and Science Communication”  Synapse Science Podcast

Blog features: Medium

Space photo processing feature – Juno data. SyFy Wire

Contributing editor – “Field Guide to College Science Teaching” work by Prof. Terry McGlynn